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Mission Statement

The mission of the Addison Jo Blair Foundation is to create awareness of pediatric cancer while raising and allocating funds that will directly benefit children undergoing cancer treatment at Norton Children’s Hospital.

What is the Addison Jo Blair Foundation?

The Addison Jo Blair Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose purpose is to help children and their families who are fighting cancer at Norton Children’s Hospital. The Foundation is compliant with the IRS and adheres to all state and federal laws concerning non-profit organizations. All donations and contributions made to the Foundation are recognized by the IRS and are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Along with a Director of Finance, the Foundation also has a CPA which aids in preparation of all monetary transactions and tax reports for the IRS each fiscal year. All Board members and support staff serve as volunteers only, receiving no pay for their service. The Foundation is headed by Addison's parents, Wes and Kelly Blair…and hopefully one day by her brother Brandt and sister Brynlee!

Why the Addison Jo Blair Foundation?

It's simple. It's a win. It's a win for our daughter, Addison, may her legacy live on to continue to inspire people while helping kids who need it most. It's a win for Norton Children's Hospital, all the medical staff and employees who helped Addison, and her mommy and daddy along this journey and gave our family the opportunity to have more memories with Addison that we all always cherish and be so ever grateful for. As you read this, these amazing people are doing the same thing for another child and their family. It's a win for pediatric cancer research, with the hope that one day no longer will a family have to endure such a journey. It's a win for those who are traveling this road and need some form of assistance to help them in their great time of need. And, it's a win for those who gave in our time of need. YOUR selfless acts have made this a reality. Without it, much of our foundation would not be possible, especially the commitment to Norton Children's Hospital. We thank YOU and hope you take great pride in this foundation that was made possible by YOU and the blessings it will create for many deserving children.


Our daughter Addison Jo, inspired a lot of people, many of whom she never met. She also inspired those closest to her, including her own parents. But, we were also inspired by many around us. Throughout Addison's journey, our family was helped out in so many ways. This is our way of giving back in return, of doing something to all those who helped our little Addison along that journey, that YOU may benefit from and be very proud of. Addison loved Norton Children's Hospital…the nurses, doctors, music/art therapists, food workers, you name it…anyone who worked for "her" hospital (as she would call it). She also loved her friends, those who were living on the same floor and were going through the same trials as she. Her parents also grew to love Norton Children’s. Our family lived there for practically the last five months of our daughter's life. Without these people and the resources offered at Norton Children’s, our last five months with Addison would not have been the blessing that it was. And…so many gave and demonstrated many selfless acts throughout that five months, that we have decided to lead an organization that will help those in need, just as we were. These children and their families will benefit more than words can describe, and it will be made possible because of YOU. It is an amazing feeling for a child who is sick to know that people are thinking about what they are going through on a daily basis and are trying to help them in any way they can. It did wonders for our family and it will for others too. Addison loved Norton Children's Hospital and all her friends she made during her time. We, her parents feel the same and we thank God everyday for the resource that is there in Louisville when God forbid a family may need it, and need it desperately.

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